The Art of Maintenance

I recently had to pay a lot of money for a washing machine repair.  Annoying as that was, the repair person made it very clear that this was due to bad maintenance on my part. Of course I made the resolution to look after my washing machine much better from now on and to regularly (that’s the key) take care of its maintenance.

The same thought crossed my mind again when I spent 3 hours defrosting the freezer after it had been building up ice over months and months. Knowing that it would eventually turn really bad, I had meant to defrost it in the meantime. Meant to….

Kitchen appliances aren’t the only things that require care taking. Other areas in life can also become rather costly when regular maintenance is neglected. 

„The things you do every day matter more than the things you do every now and then (or never)“, 

is a great quote I have come across and can relate to. We all know that „every little helps“ and that it’s the apple that we are supposed to eat every day that eventually keeps the doctor away. Not the odd grapefruit. We all know this – yet it’s hard to act accordingly.

Most of us want a healthy body and fewer pounds on our hips. And everybody who wants to seriously make changes to their health knows that this requires consistent behaviour. I am not talking about restrictive diets or exercise regimes, but about decisions. There are probably at least 10 occasions throughout the day when we can either make a decision FOR or AGAINST maintaining our health. Car or bike. Salad or lasagna for lunch. Water or coke. Biscuit or apple. Ongoing good decisions, or maintenance, make for a healthy body. Then it’s also ok to slip occasionally.

On the flip-side, ongoing bad decisions can cause a lot of rubbish to build up. Eating badly 6 days out of 7 can then not be undone by a single 25 minute run every two weeks. Just like with washing machines, repairing the damage can then become very costly. Not just in money terms.

Same with relationships. While perhaps not required, possible or appropriate on a daily basis, but relationships need maintenance and care too. Taking relationships for granted, just like a healthy body, is a risky strategy.

While good relationships don’t break apart even if there is a dry spell, we are at least missing out on a real feel-good-factor in the meantime. And even solid relationships can suffer from lack of maintenance. Perhaps they don’t collapse entirely, but if we miss out too much of a friend’s life over a period of time, that person might slowly drift away from us.

So, what are the areas in your life that could do with better maintenance?

What actions can you take now to make a positive change?

It’s also worthwhile looking at things that you do maintain, simply out of habit, not because you actually want these things in your life.

Is there something you do regularly that’s actually not good for you? Can you stop this now? 

Too much social media perhaps? Chewing your nails? Too much time spent ruminating? Holding onto a grudge against somebody? 

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