Winter is Coming (so DO IT NOW)

It’s 7 weeks until Christmas. Most people’s reactions to this will be 1) Oh, leave me alone! 2) I hate November 3) Let’s start planning our summer holiday for 2016 or any combination of the above.

I love this time of year. October is obviously the more beautiful month with its spectacular colours, but November, with its frosty chill has its very own qualities and we can use the start of winter for some score keeping and reflection. What’s this year been like? What were the surprises? What were the highlights and the low points? And most importantly: Was there something I had planned to do this year but haven’t done yet? If the answer is Yes, then GET TO IT NOW.

‚Now‘ is, in most cases, the best time to do anything but especially with 8 more weeks until we reach 2016, that’s plenty of time for a final 2015 sprint. That then also allows us to start 2016 with a ‚clean(ish) slate‘.

Anything from a dentist appointment to reading that book or setting up a pension scheme or cleaning out the closet or painting the flat (that’s what I will do in 2 weeks!) or more difficult: having that conversation….. DO IT NOW! Dragging things along with us just weighs us down. Winter is tough enough as it is, so what we really don’t need on top is knowing that we have yet again failed to do that thing and because we have not managed to do it so far, we’ll just put it on our to do list for the next year. Chances are, you will just keep pushing it further into the future.

And if there is nothing on your to do list (really?!), why don’t you start Christmas present planning and buying NOW. The people you will get presents for are probably not going to change much between now and Christmas, so why not use this quiet time, before the madness starts, to think about what you would like to give to them. I think that’s much closer to the actual seasonal spirit than asking people on the 20th December what they want and then buying something they just haven’t gotten around buying for themselves. Isn’t it much nicer to give something personal, with meaning and all that. Imagine yourself as the receiving part in this situation and I think you’ll agree.

Dealing with this now will also make for a much more enjoyable and calm festive season. There is nothing more soul-crushing than shopping in December.

So, roll up your sleeves and

  1. DO THAT THING YOU MEANT TO DO IN 2015 (or 2014 even)


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